CIS Technology

Technology Overview

The image sensor technologies provide a modular architecture based on the 0.11μm Aluminum low leakage logic/MS platforms developed at LFoundry, giving it superior cost and performance. This technology and the facility is Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified.

Aggressive design rules enables pixel sizes design down to 1.4μm on 0.11μm technologies for both FSI and BSI, shrinking to 1.1μm in the future. Both Front-side Illumination (FSI) and Back-side Illumination (BSI) integrations are offered, along with Global Shutter capability (SMIC Independent IP). In addition, TSV enabled and hybrid bonding enabled wafer stacking integrations are available to allow the CIS sensor to be directly combined with ASIC and memory in the same stack.

These technologies run in high volume production on 200mm wafers in SMIC's facility in Italy, with world class defect density, with a focused CIS production line to guarantee high image quality performance.

In addition to CMOS based sensors, SPAD and SiPM technology devices can be built to enable new sensor products for Automotive and consumer applications.A complete design ecosystem is available including foundation IP library and Memory Compilers. A complete set of services to support the customer's needs including a CIS design support flow, CIS specific customer pixel support platform, and Reference Pixel characterization data for various pixels.

Extensive services and supply chain support is available using SMIC's comprehensive China and worldwide partnerships (including Mask Making, Wafer Manufacturing, Color Filter/Micro lens, Probing, Bumping, and Test), allowing SMIC to provide complete turnkey solutions.


  • LF0.11μm

Application Usage

SMIC's advanced and proven CMOS image sensor technology is designed to meet the growing demand for optical sensors used in high-end photography, industrial, medical, automotive and consumer electronics, including high end phone cameras and 3D cameras.

  • High-end Photography

  • Industrial

  • Medical

  • Automotive

  • Consumer Electronics

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