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  23 May 2017 Vice Premier Kai Ma: SMIC’s Achievements In The Past 3 Years Are Encouraging (Chinese Version)  
  11 May 2017 Leading Figure in China’s IC Industry-Dr. Haijun Zhao: Make Chip With Heart (Chinese Version)  
  11 May 2017 Replacing Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu, The New CEO Of SMIC Dr. Haijun Zhao Is Confronted With These Problems (Chinese Version)  
  13 Apr 2017 The Backbone of China’s Semiconductor Industry-SMIC (Chinese Version)  
  16 Mar 2017 “ We Are Still Very Weak.” Listen to The Report on China’s IC Industry From Dr. Zixue ZHOU (Chinese Version)  
  16 Mar 2017 The Fifth in The World: SMIC Has Begun to Develop 7 nm Technology This Year (Chinese Version)  
  16 Mar 2017 With Support of HUAWEI/ARM SMIC Accelerates Independent R&D 7nm Process (Chinese Version)  
  14 Mar 2017 CSTIC: SMIC Is Catching Up With The International Advanced Layout (Chinese Version)  
  12 Mar 2017 2016 The China Semiconductor Award Has Been Announced, SMIC and HUAHONG May Catch Up With Multinational Fabs (Chinese Version)  
  16 Feb 2017 SMIC Made New Record! 2016 Revenue Reached 2.9 Billion US Dollars With 30% Growth YoY(Chinese Version)  
  14 Feb 2017 2016 SMIC Reached Revenue of 2.9 Billion US Dollars With Great Growth of 30% YoY (Chinese Version)  
  18 Jan 2017 40nm ReRAM Chip Sample Released, SMIC Shows Prosperous Trend (Chinese Version)  
  17 Jan 2017 The Debut of A new Generation Storage Technology, SMIC Joint Developed ReRAM Will Monopolize The Next Era? (Chinese Version)  

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