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Date Headline  
  11 Dec 2016 SMIC Has Made a Three-Year Profit Commitment for Changjiang Elec. Tech. (Chinese version)  
  09 Dec 2016 SMIC Implement a 10 for 1 Reverse Stock Split (Chinese version)  
  24 Nov 2016 SMIC is Expected to Take Over UMC as No.3 in The World (Chinese version)  
  21 Nov 2016 Domestic Leader SMIC Lands on Ningbo with A Total Investment of 10 Billion Yuan (Chinese version)  
  21 Nov 2016 SMIC’s Strategy Is Changing and Where is Its Focus in Future? (Chinese version)  
  15 Nov 2016 SMIC and Chinese Academy of Sciences Signed MEMS R&D Agreement (Chinese version)  
  14 Nov 2016 SMIC: The Local Chip Production Has Huge Potential (Chinese version)  
  05 Nov 2016 SMIC Starts New Production Line in Shenzhen, Localization of IC Is Accelerated (Chinese version)  
  04 Nov 2016 SMIC Shenzhen Launches Construction of the First 12-Inch IC Production Line in South China and Will Come Into Operation in 2017 (Chinese version)  
  04 Nov 2016 SMIC Shenzhen Starts Construction of 12-Inch Production Line, The Format of 3-Line Promotion Has Been Built (Chinese version)  
  21 Oct 2016 SMIC Expanses Itself continuously and Striving to Be the Top 3 (Chinese version)  
  19 Oct 2016 Zhonghong LI Visited SMIC TJ B2 Expansion Project (Chinese version)  
  18 Oct 2016 SMIC(00981) Expenses Capacity, The Chairman Said It Could Ease The Order Pressure (Chinese version)  
  14 Oct 2016 SMIC Promotes Advanced Manufacturing Industry in Shanghai (Chinese version)  
  13 Oct 2016 SMIC Shanghai Starts Construction of A New 12-Inch Wafer Fab (Chinese version)  
  09 Sep 2016 "China’s Chip” Boosts Intelligent Manufacturing, Semiconductor Leader is Expected to Archive Corner Overtaking (Chinese Version)  
  09 Sep 2016 The IP Amount of SMIC Takes the Lead in China’s IC Industry (Chinese Version)  
  29 Jun 2016 SMIC Enters Into A New Era of Rapid Expansion With Acquisition of LFoundry (Chinese Version)  
  29 Jun 2016 SMIC Represents the Mainland China IC Foundry Industry’s First Successful Acquisition of An Overseas-Based Manufacturer (Chinese Version)  
  29 Jun 2016 SMIC Buys Italian Chip Foundry (English Version)  
  26 Jun 2016 Overseas Acquisition With 49 Million Euro, SMIC Enters Into Global Automotive Electronics Market(Chinese Version)  
  20 Jun 2016 1Xnm FinFET Technology is Facing Intensifying Competition, SMIC Carves Itself a Niche with “Characteristics of Production Technology (Chinese Version)  
  17 May 2016 SMIC: How Long is the Road to Development (Chinese version)  
  09 May 2016 The combination of IC design, manufacturing and packaging will become the main form of industry integration (Chinese version)  
  29 Apr 2016 SMIC will become the major shareholder of JCET (Chinese version)  
  28 Apr 2016 SMIC teamed up with JCET: one giant leap for China's semiconductor industry (Chinese version)  
  26 Apr 2016 Differentiated competition to promote the chip industry to achieve a new development (Chinese version)  
  12 Apr 2016 Dr. TY Chiu:Chinese Companies can do well in Wafer Manufacturing (Chinese version)  
  25 Mar 2016 TY Chiu: SMIC continues to develop its advanced technology nodes (Chinese version)  
  09 Mar 2016 How to Create the Future of Semiconductor Industry in the Development Period (Chinese version)  
  28 Feb 2016 SMIC: Driving the Innovation of Whole Industry Chain (Chinese Version)  
  27 Feb 2016 SMIC: Successful on Differentiation Strategy (Chinese Version)  
  24 Feb 2016 SMIC: The China’s Leading Semiconductor Company On the Rise (Chinese Version)  
  22 Feb 2016 China Foundries how to Catch up the Industry Leader? (Chinese Version)  
  22 Jan 2016 Dr. TY Chiu’s Outlook in 2016 (Chinese Version)  
  22 Jan 2016 Zhou Zixue: The Growth Rate in Electronic Information Industry will remain Low, An Opportunity to Overtake (Chinese Version)  
  15 Jan 2016 Jason Li: Customer Structure Improvement enhance Revenue (Chinese Version)  
  07 Jan 2016 Xu Tianshen: New Production Capacity should avoid Influences from Non-Market Factors (Chinese Version)  

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