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Date Headline  
  25 Dec 2014 SMIC’S CEO Tzu-Yin Chiu: 12-Inch Production Line could be Established at our Shenzhen Fab (Chinese Version)  
  23 Dec 2014 SMIC, JCET and China's IC Fund Join Forces to Purchase STATS ChipPAC (Chinese Version)  
  23 Dec 2014 All the Factors in Creating A Golden Age of China's IC Industry (Chinese Version)  
  23 Dec 2014 SMIC’s CEO Tzu-Yin Chiu: SMIC will Persist in Developing Both Advanced and Mature Technologies (Chinese Version)  
  11 Dec 2014 IC Industry Requires More Social Investment (Chinese Version)  
  11 Dec 2014 China will become SMIC's largest Customer Base (Chinese Version)  
  02 Dec 2014 SMIC ranked No.1 in Shanghai's Patent Press Conference  
  30 Nov 2014 SMIC in Top 10 for Overseas Patent Applicants (Chinese Version)  
  24 Nov 2014 SMIC voted as "Outstanding Foundry of the Year" (EEtimes)  
  13 Nov 2014 High Spirits at Zhangjiang Sports Day (Chinese Version)  
  26 Oct 2014 Doctor ShiuhWuu Lee: Development Trends in IC Manufacturing Technology (Chinese Version)  
  24 Oct 2014 “Pay close attention to Innovation” – ShiuhWuu Lee (Chinese Version)  
  22 Oct 2014 Intellectual Property the “Driving Force” of Industry Development  
  17 Oct 2014 Chip Manufacturers welcome setup of China’s Investment fund in Pudong (Chinese Version)  
  16 Oct 2014 SMIC holds the 1st Family Open Day (Chinese Version)  
  12 Sep 2014 SMIC Creates it’s Own 38nm NAND Flash Memory (Chinese Version)  
  25 Aug 2014 SMIC Raises Capital from Datang and CIC (Chinese Version)  
  15 Aug 2014 "Thousand Talents Program" Hai Jun Zhao: How to make High Quality products? (Chinese Version)  
  13 Aug 2014 "Thousand Talents Program" Tzu-Yin Chiu: Favorable Conditions to consolidate the IC Industry (Chinese Version)  
  13 Aug 2014 SMIC’s 28nm chip will enter Market (Chinese Version)  
  11 Aug 2014 China erects first 12in IC manufacturing supply chain  
  08 Aug 2014 SMIC: Encourages Innovative Talent and Atmosphere (Chinese Version)  
  08 Aug 2014 SMIC’s 12-inch bumping project is established in Jiangyin (Chinese Version)  
  08 Jul 2014 SMIC Jason Li: Fund Worth Billions still Insufficient and Requires more Investment (Chinese Version)  
  04 Jul 2014 Chipmaker SMIC to benefit most from China's new semiconductor policy  
  13 Jun 2014 SMIC Successfully Raising nearly $300 Million (Chinese Version)  
  23 May 2014 EHS Becomes an industry Trend (Chinese Version)  
  30 Apr 2014 SMIC Props up China’s Semiconductor Industry (Chinese Version)  
  27 Mar 2014 Will SMIC Narrow Tech Gap?  
  26 Mar 2014 Rapid Growth in Domestic Revenue, SMIC Actively Enlarges Production Capacity (Chinese Version)  
  25 Mar 2014 American-Chinese Hu ShuGuang Educational Method: Respect Every Child's Talent (Chinese Version)  
  18 Mar 2014 SEMI Recognizes SMIC CEO TY Chiu for Environment, Health and Safety Leadership  
  15 Mar 2014 Zhangjiang's Promising Land of "Educating our Country's Dreamers" (Chinese Version )  
  13 Mar 2014 Optimize Educational Environment in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park (Chinese Version)  
  26 Feb 2014 SMIC and JCET’s Joint Venture: Integration of Industrial Chain reaches a Crucial Point (Chinese Version)  
  25 Feb 2014 One Small Step for SMIC and JCET’s Joint Venture, One Giant Leap for IC Industry?( Chinese Version)  
  24 Feb 2014 SMIC’s on the Rise, GF in Hot Pursuit, UMC Cautious (Chinese Version)  
  21 Feb 2014 SMIC & JCET Unite and Invest $150million build IC Industry Chain (Chinese Version)  
  21 Feb 2014 SMIC & JCET Join Forces to Deal with Pressure of Survival (Chinese Version)  
  20 Feb 2014 SMIC & JCET Builds 12 inch Bumping Production Lines (Chinese Version)  
  20 Feb 2014 SMIC & JCET Joint Venture builds China’s IC Manufacturing Industry Chain (Chinese Version)  

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