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The views and opinions expressed in the articles below belong to their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect those of SMIC. SMIC shall not be responsible for any party's reliance on these materials.
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Date Headline  
  19 Nov 2013 SMIC’s CFO Gareth Kung: Not Afraid of Changes in Our Industry and Expect a Profitable Year(Chinese Version)  
  19 Nov 2013 Gaining Profit by Providing Advanced and Quality Service(Chinese Version)  
  12 Nov 2013 Dr. Han-Ming Wu:IC Manufacturing Scale to Determine its Development (Chinese Version)  
  22 Oct 2013 Profit Attributable to SMIC was $42.5 Million in 3Q13(Chinese Version)  
  15 Oct 2013 The Return of the King (Chinese Version)  
  08 Oct 2013 The Outlook for China’s Semiconductor Industry (Chinese Version)  
  30 Sep 2013 SMIC: A Story of Turnaround (Chinese Version)  
  15 Sep 2013 CEO TY Chiu Leads SMIC in a Turnaround(Chinese Version)  
  15 Sep 2013 TY: Honored to Compete with TSMC on the Same Stage(Chinese Version)  
  11 Sep 2013 SMIC Selected as Constituent of Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series for Third Consecutive Year  
  06 Sep 2013 Customers Renewing Confidence in SMIC (Chinese)  
  03 Sep 2013 SMIC Striking a Balance between Investment and Profit (Chinese Version)  
  26 Aug 2013 Mr. John Peng:Execution is the Key for Innovation (Chinese Version)  
  23 Aug 2013 Chinese Chips Enter Nano Era (Chinese Version)  
  15 Aug 2013 China Foundries Seek Niches  
  09 Aug 2013 SMIC Reports Unaudited Results for the Three Months Ended June 30, 2013 (Chinese Version)  
  01 Aug 2013 SMIC: Big Corporation, Small Community (Chinese Version)  
  29 Jun 2013 SMIC Makes Comeback to Japanese Market Focusing on Smartphone  
  21 May 2013 SMIC’s Transmutation (Chinese Version)  
  27 Apr 2013 High-Tech Firms Awarded by Beijing ETDA for The Innovative Development (Chinese Version)  
  18 Apr 2013 Slideshow: How SMIC attracts talent  
  17 Apr 2013 SMIC Participates in the First CITE and Explains the Reason for Growth (Chinese Version)  
  16 Apr 2013 People-Oriented, Enjoy Happy Life (Chinese Version)  
  21 Mar 2013 EE Times Exclusive: SMIC's CEO makes utilization first focus  
  13 Mar 2013 Brite Semiconductor Appoints SMIC CEO TY Chiu as Chairman  
  28 Feb 2013 “A Silicon Valley Campus with Chinese Characteristics”  
  27 Feb 2013 Wall Street Journal Interviews SMIC CFO Gareth Kung  
  22 Feb 2013 SMIC Ranked No. 5 among Chinese Patent Grantees  
  07 Feb 2013 SMIC ends 2012 with record revenues  
  07 Feb 2013 SMIC CMOS Image Sensor Sales Reach 5% to 7.5% of Revenue in 2012  
  09 Jan 2013 Brite Semiconductor’s 40nm Projects Based on SMIC’s Process Hit Double Digits  

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