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SMIC offers a vast and diverse portfolio of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) blocks from 0.35μm to 40nm to support the design needs of customers. With both in-house and leading third-party IP available, SMIC enables customer designs to be brought quickly to market. In addition, SMIC can provide customized IP to meet specific customer needs.

SMIC In-House IP The majority of SMIC in-house IP consists of analog/mixed-signal IP, such as PLL, DLL, ADC, DAC, voltage regulator, specialty I/O, and high speed I/O. SMIC has also developed specialty memory IP, including a performance enhancement kit (PEK) for CPU cache, EEPROM, NAND ROM, eFuse and OTP. This IP undergoes rigorous testing and process verification at SMIC to ensure it can be readily integrated into chip designs for computing, communications, consumer products, and other applications.

Third-Party IP By collaborating with leading IP providers, SMIC is able to offer hundreds of additional third-party IP solutions. For example, ARM Cortex-A9 hard core and Synopsys USB3.0 OTG PHY IP have been silicon-proven on SMIC’s 65nm low-leakage process. More third-party IP such as DSP Cores, MIPI M-PHY, HDMI 1.4 TX/RX PHY, PCI-Express 2.0 PHY, SATA II/III PHY, 10/100 Ethernet PHY, etc. is available from SMIC and our third-party IP partners.

SMIC Best IP Partner Award of 2016

SMIC IP Customization Services SMIC provides customized IP and I/O solutions with optimized performance and at a low cost, to meet the specific needs of customers. Over the past year, SMIC has successfully performed more than 100 IP customizations for customers worldwide.

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Please note that SMIC makes no warranty, whether express, implied or statutory, that the IP will work in any design environment or meet all production requirements. SMIC shall not be responsible for any commitments made to customers by our third-party IP providers or any issues related to the intellectual property rights of these third-party providers.

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